Dr.iron Enrich Herbs

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Dr.Iron -Enrich Herbs-_

Deliciously intake iron, the substance which women tend to lack! A well-balanced combination of vitamin B12 and folic acid that work well with iron. In addition, it also contains ingredients which support health and beauty ingredients. Recommended for those who tend to get sick due to the monthly rhythm of women, those who are dizzy, those who are not good at cooling, those who cannot let go of socks even in the summer, etc.

A generous amount of plum extract with the natural sweetness of honey and brown sugar. You can enjoy delicious health and beauty ingredients.

1. Contains 100% heme iron that is easy to absorb!Also contains Vitamin C, which helps absorb iron!

Iron is divided into two types: vegetable “non-heme iron” contained in spinach and Japanese mustard spinach, and “heme iron” contained in animals such as meat, liver, and lean fish. The absorption rate is 25% to 35% for animals- derived iron, which is 5 to 7 times higher than that derived from plants (about 5%). In addition, this product also contains Vitamin C, which helps to absorb iron. The iron content of Dr. Iron is 100% “heme iron”, 0.5mg of iron per packet.

2.A well-balanced combination of folic acid and vitamin B12 that work well with iron!

Folic acid and vitamin B12, which are necessary for hematopoiesis are well-balanced combined to work well with iron.

One packet contains 400 μg of folic acid and 2 μg of vitamin B12.

3.Hawthorn extract

Hawthorn is the plant containing a lot of nutrients that women are happy with. It contains a very good balance of ingredients such as dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. It also contains abundant ingredients such as polyphenols that support the circulation of the body, and is a reassuring ally for women who suffer from coldness regardless of the season.

4.A combination of beauty patented ingredients!

◎Lychee seed extract:Japanese Patent No. 3708036、No. 3953387、No. 4982052

In China, lychee seeds are used as Chinese herbs. People say that it has a function to make you feel good, and it has been popular as a food to improve the physical condition of women for a long time. It is also famous as a beauty material that Yang Guifei – the ancient Chinese Queen loved. It helps to promote collagen production and brighten the skin.

Lychee seed polyphenol, which is a shining ingredient from the inside, is characterized by having a strong antioxidant effect.

◎Edible bird’s Nest extract:Japanese Patent No. 6358692

Edible Bird’s nest has been using for a long time in China as the source of medicine and food for health maintenance and beauty. It enhances the barrier of the skin and leads to glow skin. It is also expected to increase body resistance.

4.Healthy and Delicious with plums!

Each packet contains 2,000 mg of Plum extract. Plum is called “miracle fruit” and contains well-balanced nutrition such as minerals (ex:iron, potassium, calcium), vitamins (β-carotene and B vitamins, vitamin C), and pectin, which is a water-soluble dietary fiber. It is effective in supporting various physical conditions caused mainly by iron deficiency, which is common in women.

5.Manufactured in a GMP certified factory in Japan

We have acquired GMP certification in Japan to manufacture this product so that our customer can enjoy the health and beauty products with confidence.

Manufactured firmly in the factory.

6.So Delicious that you could have it continuously!

The plum taste makes it easy for you to drink it deliciously without any unpleasant feeling of iron. The gentle sweetness of brown sugar and honey is also a special point.

It also contains galactooligosaccharide, which increases bifido bacteria in the stomach and regulates the condition of the stomach.


・ Liquid may spill when opening the bag, so be careful not to get it on your clothes.。

・ Drink as soon as possible after opening the bag for hygiene reasons 。

・ The packet may be swollen if left in a place with high temperature, so store in in a cool place and consume as soon as possible

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